Our Story

The truth is... we're just here to have fun.  

Corduroy was born out of a desire to create something unique and to inspire others to do the same. It is a platform for creative expression and an homage to Type I fun. Our brand is meant to provoke innovative thought, but it is also a call to take the plunge and execute on that whimsical, brilliant idea that exists in your own head. We know you've got something incredible brewing; why not share it with the world. 

Why "Corduroy"?

We believe "Corduroy" represents a clever intersection of apparel and outdoor sports.  It perfectly captures the niche that we're playing in.  After a ski run is freshly groomed, the pattern that's left in the snow resembles the texture of corduroy fabric.  The sentiment that we associate with these groomed runs is what we are chasing.  Allow us to explain... 

Now, we love the intense, grueling nature of winter sports and outdoor activity as much as the next weekend warrior.  But in a community that espouses Type II fun, delayed gratification, and a work-hard-play-hard attitude, we can't help but feel that we've over-indexed on the "type II", the "delay", and the "work-hard" pieces, respectively.  Why must fun come second?  

Here at Corduroy, we aspire to invoke that feeling of the groomed ski run; that feeling of standing at the top of an untouched groomer with your buddies after catching the first chair up the mountain, anticipation and stoke at an all-time high; that feeling of a chilly evening at Red Rocks, when you're lost in the joy and euphoria of the music, dancing like a fool with your best friends; that feeling of sitting around a campfire at the end of an epic day, basking in the heat and watching the flames dance with the crew before you retire to your tents. 

You know... that feeling.  In a world of double-black diamonds and exhausting uphill days, we are an ode to the Party Lap. 

For those who play.

So do two more runs and skip the last!  Have your cake and eat it, too!  We certainly won't judge.  Corduroy is about creating fun and functional gear for those of us living in the moment and not taking ourselves too seriously. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.  We really appreciate it. 

Contact us! 

Have an idea about a product you'd like to see?  Want to suggest an awesome color combination?  Please feel free to reach out and contact us through our online form, email us at info@shopcorduroy.com, via Instagram or however you'd like!  After all, we're all friends here.